A fork of bertbot by elmo. https://github.com/kb-elmo/bertbot
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jkhsjdhjs 51a37c4562 make 'is_registered' regex a raw string
to fix the following warning with python 3.12:
SyntaxWarning: invalid escape sequence '\S'
2024-06-02 15:13:59 +00:00
bert.py make 'is_registered' regex a raw string 2024-06-02 15:13:59 +00:00
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stupidly easy IRC bot written in python(3)

I wrote this bot over the course of the last year. It grew and new function were added every now and then.
The code is pretty ugly and lacks an automatic rejoin function.

But overall it is a pretty fun thing and is heavily used on the IRC server that I am currently using (n0xy.net).

some of the available commands (mostly funny useless shit):
command action
.nextrocket shows the next upcoming rocketlaunch (data from LaunchLibrary)
.slap <user> slap a user (similar to the slap command of mIRC)
.rep <user> (<reason>) super simple reputation system. You can give an optional <reason>
.eurusd <value> convert euro to usd
.usdeur <value> convert usd to euro
.jn <question> choose between yes or no
.konfuzius get a konfuzius quote (in german from wikiquote)
.say <message> make the bot say something (only for admin user)
.fml get a random fml from fmylife.com
.nslookup <domain> (<type>) make a dns lookup for <domain> with optional <type>
automatic triggers
  • The blog of the german blogger "fefe" (Felix von Leitner - blog.fefe.de) is crawled every five mins. and new Posts are automatically printed out with a link to the post